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Since 2001, TechStar has been the one-stop-shop for quality instrumentation and analytical devices, training and application solutions.

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TechStar represents the following manufacturers throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and New Mexico: Ametek Process Instruments, Berthold Technologies, BK Vibro, Fluenta, Fox Thermal Instruments, General Monitors, Magnetrol, Mine Safety Appliances (MSA), Moore Industries, O’Brien, Orion Instruments, SKF, SignalFire, and Yokogawa.

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TechStar offers a wide variety of training options. Hands-on training is conducted by factory-certified personnel and provides detailed technical training materials. Through coordination with our various manufacturers, we provide training courses that are specifically designed to meet each customer’s needs. Training seminars are conducted at TechStar offices in Deer Park, Dallas, Corpus Christi or onsite at customer facilities.

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TechStar’s Field Service Team is highly trained to meet all of our customers’ service needs. Whether starting up the instrument, configuring it or troubleshooting the system, TechStar’s Field Service Team can direct the customer through the necessary steps to get the measuring device and its outputs running properly over the phone, in the field, or on location.

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